StarBox is a digital wallet and asset management application based on blockchain technology. This mobile application helps manage digital and real currencies and allows one to participate in blockchain financial services that are being developed using distributed ledger technologies. Components of the StarBox digital wallet app include the BTCStarZ Bitcoin Commitment Rewards System, MASTER Card and E-Mall network, gaming platform and more.

Mission & Vision

StarBox aims to bridge barriers between digital and real currency, accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), particularly true for cross-border payment in financial transactions, increased efficiency and speed, enhances security, greater transparency, reduced costs and continuously creating long term values for our merchants and members by implementing “One Card for All”. We believe that we can only succeed when we witness our clients’ achieving theirs’.

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Digital Cryptocurrency Wallet

Multivariate system

Support multiple systems such as point management, digital wallet, MASTER card, gaming platform, digital asset financial services, etc.

Digital Wallet System

It is safe and fast. Instant trading, efficient and transparent.


Able to consume with MASTER card anywhere and anytime, promote application for BITCOIN in financial ecosystem.


Tutorial on How to download and install StarBox

Hereafter you will find how to download and install StarBox

Features in StarBox

Nevis International Bank & Trust

NEVIS INTERNATIONAL BANK & TRUST is an international bank duly licensed by the government of Nevis in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The Bank offers comprehensive business and private banking solutions to a global clientele.


Through our BTCStarZ Commitment Rewards System, we have built a community that benefits both the consumer and merchant. Membership within our loyalty program gives you several ways to earn mBTC points. Referring other partners to purchase a Loyalty Card will benefit your whole team with a Margin Bonus!

My Gift King

My Gift King is an e-mall platform which has various kinds of products, offers and promotions. MY GIFT KING also provides prepaid cards services. Prepaid cards are becoming a popular tool in our daily lives. Tasks such as daily shopping, travelling and purchasing gifts. With MY GIFT KING partners, you can enjoy many benefits!

iRACE.WIN is a cryptocurrency gaming platform dedicated to providing fun, fair and entertaining gaming experience to user. The games produced on this platform is based on blockchain technology. The application aims to counter fraud, minimize glitches and provide a fair and trustworthy gaming experience to users across the world.


ExpertOption provides easy to use trading platform and spend lots of time providing education for our customers. ExpertOption is interested in successful and prosperous traders who will create high trading volume. We are proud that we helped many customers to make revenue.


CloudMoolah is built to serve millions of game developers and gamers across Asia, many of whom remain unserved by mainstream digital payment services, it’s are to efforts to bridge promising developers with potential gamers

ACE Entertainment

ACE Entertainment produces and releases Movies in Theaters and distributes Series, Mini-Series & Tv Movies on all medias (TV, Video, VOD, Internet, Apps). ACE Entertainment is part of the SJ Investments group, specialized in investing in the movie industry.

MBL Wine Group

MBL Wine Group’s missions include searching quality wine globally, building professionally-designed wine cellars, forming wine clubs and stores, for wine lovers to share the enjoyment. MBL is the exclusive representative for many world-known wineries, including Braastad Cognac XO and Chateau de Beaulon XO, quality and variety of products are well recognized by connoisseurs and wine lovers.

HiFex Hollywood International Film Exchange

Hollywood International Film Exchange, a division of Fairfax Entertainment Group (FEG), is the largest shareholder in BSEG. HiFex is a premiere global company acting as the bridge to US/China film exchange. HiFex is run by Jimmy Jiang (Fairfax Entertainment Group FEG BSEG’s largest shareholder, and Mr. Yang Buting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are we doing at Starbox?

StarBox strives to provide access to the digital economy to everyone that is made possible by Bitcoin. Beyond this, we also strive towards providing the best financial services built on distributed ledger (blockchain) technology.

2. How can I become a member of StarBox?

To become a member of StarBox, you will need to register as a member first on the StarBox application. (follow on the tutorial)


3. What can the mBTC do?

mBTC can increase the profit rate.


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